Installation, Commissioning, and Servicing
​Once testing is completed Palladium properly installs the robot (including anchoring if necessary), touches up programming, performs a factory acceptance test, and trains operators on safety and operation of the system. We offer 30 days of free service after the project is commissioned to verify all functionality.


If you are considering robotics automation but are unsure keep in mind that there is no cost to designing and simulating a robot work cells prior to submitting any proposals. We also design the end of arm tools and perform the calculations required for programming the robot payload.

► Check out our 2D and 3D designs page

► Check out our ROBOGUIDE Simulation page

► ​Check out our End of Arm Tool page

All of our projects are built at our facility in Houston, TX. We are an Allen-Bradley electrical panel shop. Check out our
Control Systems page for more details. Our in-house machine shop (RMC Reliable Machinists Corp.) manufactures our end of arm tools. Having an in-house machine shop greatly reduces cost and delivery time since changes are made on the fly. We can also construct frames for mounting the robot in the regular upright position as well as angled or inverted.


Programming is all done in-house. This includes:

► PLC programming using Rockwell Automation Studio 5000. Find out more in our Control Systems page

► Touchscreen programming using Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View ME. Visit our Control Systems page for more info. 

► FANUC HandlingTool integrated software (see image below for a sample program flow chart)

► FANUC PalletTool integrated software

► ​FANUC iRVision. Check out our Robot Vision page for more details or view YouTube videos of Vision Robots

► ​FANUC Force Sensor. Visit our Force Sensing webpage for more info. 

► FANUC Dual Check Safety. Check out our Robot Safety page for more details. 

About Us

Based in Houston, TX and using the philosophy and experience of automating land and offshore oil rigs, Palladium Control Systems LLC brings a high quality of service to our customers in manufacturing process automation. ​Founded by a ten year service-disabled veteran of the Air Force who started off in the enlisted ranks and then became an officer. Palladium ensures a high level of integrity, service, and excellence. If your company benefits from purchasing from service-disabled veteran you can request a copy of the DD-214 and Department of Veteran Affairs letter. A true Texan, he was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, received his electrical engineering degree from Texas A&M, and post-graduate degree in engineering management from The University of Texas.  To find out more about the owner, please visit his LinkedIn profile