Located in Houston, Palladium Control Systems LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Rockwell Automation and FANUC America Authorized System Integrator specializing in material handling robots, material removal robots, vision robots for error proofing (inspection), vision guided robots, and collaborative robots. We are professionally trained by FANUC in HandlingTool, Advanced TPP Programming, Electrical Maintenance, Dual Check Safety, 2D iR-Vision, 3D Laser iR-Vision as well as ROBOGUIDE HandlingPRO, FANUC's simulation software. We offer a wide range of solutions to help optimize your factory by improving efficiency resulting in increased profitability. Our years of experience in control system design is done using the latest software to create the perfect system for your application including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 (aka RSLogix 5000) Logix Designer, Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View Studio, and FANUC ROBOGUIDE. 

 ​​Inspecting Short Shots For Plastic Injection Molding

For the plastic injection molding process short shots can be more than a nuisance. If a product is sent to the customer with short shots it can reflect poorly on your company's quality.

≡► Making the Most of FANUC's UOP Signals

FANUC Robotics offers numerous predefined signals, called User Operator Panel (UOP) signals, that can be accessed and used to understand the current condition of the robot.

≡► Designing the Robot End of Arm Tool

​Perhaps the most overlooked area of a material handling robot system is the end of arm tool (EOAT). Understanding the complexity of an EOAT will help in getting the most out of the speed and productivity of a robot. 

≡► The Rigbot Concept

The concept of a rigbot (combination of oil rig and robot) came to me about two years ago. The rigbot question is simple: can a six-axis articulated robot ever be integrated on an oil rig drill floor to take control the material handling?

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  • FANUC Robots: Browse through the entire catalog of FANUC articulating, palletizing, collaborative, and delta robots. 
  • Control Systems: Palladium offers Allen-Bradley PLC's and HMI's to support robotic automation.
  • Robot Vision: FANUC America has a team of engineers dedicated to developing integral robotic vision products.
  • Robot Safety: Dual Check Safety (DCS) is a smart, integrated software solution that keeps operators, robots and tooling completely safe. 
  • ​Force Sensing: FANUC’s range of force sensors opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for intelligent automation solutions. 
  • End Effector: Palladium has an in-house machine shop that can design and machine the adapter from the robot to the gripper, camera mounts, and the fingers.
  • 2D & 3D Design: Prior to making expensive purchases Palladium Control Systems designs the entire system customized to the customer's specific application. 
  • Simulations: ROBOGUIDE allows users to simulate a robotic process in 3-D space or conduct feasibility studies for robotic applications without the physical need and expense of a prototype work cell setup.

≡► Application Videos

  • Assembly: FANUC Robotics' intelligent robots for assembly applications offer manufacturers a competitive edge compared to hard automation, SCARA's or Cartesian robots.
  • Vision: While other robot suppliers rely on third-party companies for their vision solutions, FANUC America has a team of engineers dedicated to developing integral robotic vision products. 
  • Collaborative: FANUC has created the world's strongest collaborative robot with a payload of 35 kg and a reach of almost 6 ft.
  • Parts Transfer: FANUC Robotics offers an extensive lineup of industrial part transfer robots that are equipped with iRVision and are capable of high speed transfer in a well-optimized machine. 
  • Machine Tending: Industrial machine load/unload robots increase flexibility from fixed automation, minimize errors through robotic vision, maximize, throughput through high speed and performance, and increased system uptime. 
  • Material Removal: Material removal robots include drilling, milling, profiling, deburring, grinding, smoothing, polishing, cutting, deflashing, waterjet cutting, and routing robots.
  • Palletizing: FANUC America offers an extensive lineup of industrial palletizing robots that are equipped with iRVision and are capable of up to 30 cycles per minute or more in a well-optimized system.

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