Delta Robots

A delta robot is a parallel-link robot in which its major mechanical axes act on the robot faceplate in parallel rather than in series. This allows for both quick and precise movements. FANUC's unique, ultra-compact delta robots enter a new dimension in high-speed small parts handling. With 3, 4 or 6 axes, these high-speed assembly robots are ideal for a variety of applications. As versatile as the human hand, they make an ideal alternative to complicated and expensive hard automation.


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Collaborative Robot

The FANUC CR-35iA is the world's strongest collaborative robot. It can lift up to 35 kg. This combined with its reach and safety certification make it ideally suited to a whole range of manual processes that traditionally had been done by operators. The CR-35iA can do the heavy lifting and positioning for many industries. This frees up the operators for other highly skilled tasks. It is protected with built-in anti-trap and soft rubber skin to keep operators safe so that it can work along side a human operator. It can be guided, taught, or pushed away if space is needed. Teaming up with a FANUC collaborative robot creates a faster, safer and more effective work environment.

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  • CR-35iA Collaborative Robot Palletizing and Depalletizing Boxes with 3D Area Sensor

Articulated Material Handling and Palletizing Robots

FANUC offers the largest selection of articulated intelligent robots models with payloads from 4 kg. to 2,300 kg. with built in vision capability. The mean time between failures is over 100,000 hrs. 

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