FANUC Integrated Robot (iR)Vision 

FANUC Robotics had been on the forefront of machine vision since 1984. While other robot suppliers rely on third-party companies for their vision solutions, FANUC America has a team of engineers dedicated to developing integral robotic vision products. These products provide a level of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness unmatched by third-party solutions. Click here for more information. 

≡► Visit our Vision Robots page under the Applications menu for videos of numerous examples of how a FANUC robot equipped with iRVision can increase productivity and quality. 

FANUC Robotics offers robots that are vision ready. Simply plug in the camera to the controller. The advantages of the FANUC iRVision system include:

  • Vision process executed from the main robot CPU eliminates costly additional hardware and communication delays
  • Robust set of vision algorithms with unique capabilities to emphasize critical features and dynamically mask areas to ignore
  • Handles real-world lighting variations with automatic exposure adjustment
  • Fully-integrated robot command set for the lowest possible integration costs
  • No PCs or additional processing hardware for the highest possible reliability

Some of the best uses of error proofing are:

  • Presence or absence of parts, labels or markings
  • Orientation of parts
  • Alignment of parts before and after assembly
  • Clearance of part or tool
  • Size, fit or position of hole
  • Product Integrity
  • Part Identification of features or labels
  • Kitting and counting
  • Connectivity of a bead of sealant
  • Manual process validation of an operator
  • Flash detection or short shots

Diagnostic Video Monitor (DVM)​
If you want to create an image or video archive of your production for traceability requirements – DVM is for you. DVM can also help isolate product variations, and trouble shoot errors.  Event triggers or scheduled timers tell the DVM option when to record.  You can even capture video of events that took place before the signal was received. 

  • Simply connect an iRVision Camera to your FANUC R30iB robot controller.
  • Setup an event based trigger using the teach pendant command menus.
  • Capture digital images of your parts or process for compliance and traceability requirements.
  • Capture animated video before and after an event for root cause problem solving
  • Store images and animation for review at a later time. (Digital Image Archiving)
  • Use the windows based tool for “Stop Action Playback”
  • Can be used for FDA and ISO Compliance Requirements

3D Area Sensor

Completely integrated into the robot controller, FANUC‘s high-speed 3D Area Sensor uses structured light projection to create 3D maps. Using these maps, the system looks for parts. The part manager then does an evaluation and decides which part to pick. Taking reaching distance and collision avoidance into account, it then chooses the fastest picking option. If the part manager decides a pick has been unsuccessful or a part queue does not contain a part to pick, another image is taken and the process starts again using the new results.


Whether picking, packing, or depalletizing parts, our 2D camera system can leverage the size of parts to determine the Z depth of your parts.  If your parts are repeatable in size, this package will guide the robot in X, Y, Z and Rotation. The 2D camera can also be used to read QR codes.

FANUC's iRVision 3DA/1300 area sensor can be used to identify layers that are poorly stacked. The 3D area sensor communicates the position information to the robot if the box is askew so that it is properly depalletized. 

Error Proofing

iRVision Error Proofing is a powerful tool to detect errors before further operations are performed or prevent errors in a process. It includes high quality hardware with an optional ring light and uses the same powerful iRVision processing tools. Error proofing can be performed on every manufactured part or can be used to monitor critical components of a process. ​​Read more in our LinkedIn article, Inspecting Short Shots For Plastic Injection Molding

Visual Line Tracking

Building on the 2D Guidance platform, the Visual Line Tracking option provides the ability to pick products from a moving conveyor.  An encoder attached to the conveyor provides for speed, position and direction inputs for accurate location of the part.  Like other iRVision products, we manage the detail of coordinating overlapping images and parts, and translate the position of the part on the conveyor with the robot. The system is full integrated with the robot controllers. It has high speed performance and supports multiple robots with line balancing.

3DL Vision Guidance

By projecting lasers, the 3DL Sensor provides the ability to quickly find parts position (X, Y, Z) and orientation (yaw, pitch, and roll).  As with the 2D Guidance package, this positional information allows the robot to pick parts with a high degree of accuracy. FANUC Robotics offers a turnkey 3D vision guidance package that includes a camera, a laser, as well as all 2D and error proofing capabilities. ​This application is well suited for bin picking, parts hanging in racks, unevenly seated parts, stacked parts that can lean, parts that are hard to fixture or oversized parts. 

2D Vision Guidance

The 2D guidance product can accurately move the robot to the location of your part, removing the need for expensive positioning fixtures. The 2D guidance package allows you to easily adapt to part change over, and find the part with accurately in X, Y and Rotation. Like all other iRVision products, the camera is integrated with the robot controller so you do not have to maintain a PC on the factory floor.

  • Up to 8 cameras that are robot or fixed mounted
  • Optional lighting and enclosures
  • Includes error proofing software
  • Most robot models come with built-in camera cable