FANUC Dual Check Safety

FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS) is a smart, integrated software solution that keeps operators, robots and tooling completely safe. With no need to invest in expensive space-taking safety equipment, it also helps keep the space required for robot cells to a minimum. Using FANUC iPendant Touch, operators are able to visualise defined safety zones and confirm these from a 3D perspective in front of the robot cell. Furthermore, a positioner and a 7th axis can easily be included into the DCS if this is required.

Dual Check Safety features include:

  • ​Position Check function – Reduce floor space by 50%
    Enables the smallest safety zones, the cost-effective Position Check function saves you valuable floor space and ensures operator safety within a defined 3D area of operation.
  • ​Speed Check function – Keep operators safe
    By reliably supervising operational speed, DCS Joint or Cartesian Speed Check makes for safer setups and operation on processes such as deburring, arc welding,
    handling or sealing by slowing the robot down when the operator enters the cell. 
  • ​Safe Zone Check function – Slow or stop in the safe zone
    Depending on the model or application, DCS Safe Zone Check safeguards operators and reduces downtime by making it possible to stop or slow down robot movements while the operator is working in the safety zone.

  • Protect your expensive tools
    DCS Cartesian Position Check function stops the machine should a defined TPC position leave a specified Cartesian safety zone. Quick and easy to set up, zones are definable as lines, boxes and spheres. Ten differently shaped models and 32 safety zones per tool provide 100% safety for free rotary motion and tilting movements. On/off or secure auto-stop is on every zone.

Presence Sensing Safety Devices

Rockwell Automation offers a full line of Allen Bradley Presence Sensing Devices that are well suited for robot applications. You can get the entire catalog here or click on the images below for some of our recommended safety items. 

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