Palladium Control Systems offers ROBOTOOLS robot end effectors which includes grippers, tool changers, and deburring tools for hazardous environments. Robotools produces high quality, innovative solutions and equipment for robotics and automation in almost every industry. Every component provided by Robotools can be modified to fit a unique application. ​​

Anti-Collision Sensors

Robotools offers anti-collision sensors that are installed between the robot and the tool. Regulated air pressure keeps the anti-collision sensor rigid. If there is a collision or a dynamic overload, the sensor will absorb the crash, the air pressurized chamber will open, a valve will detect the air lost and a signal will stop the robot.

Benefits include:

  • The collision force can be adjusted by varying the air pressure inside
  • New RAC DN series can be fixed directly on ISO flanges robots, but special flanges can be made on request.
  • Choice in manual or automatic reset
  • Low profile/light weight
  • Optional limited rotation
  • Sensitivity point by programming air pressure inside the sensor

Deburring Tools

Robotools offers electric and pneumatic vane motor spindles for you deburring or finishing needs. 

Electric Spindles: The electro-spindle is necessary when the power used exceeds one kilowatt. It is necessary to cool the electro-spindles with water especially if the process of trimming continues around the clock and if the work environment is hot or dusty. 

Pneumatic Vane Motors: Our motors are “lubrication-free” because they are equipped with vanes made of a special low friction material and have permanent lubricated bearings.

Foundry Grippers

Robot grippers custom made and suited for applications in the foundry, forging, or casting industry. 

RTF Series Grippers 

  • ​Payload: up to 200 kg. (441 lbs.)
  • ​Stroke: up to 140 mm (5.5 in.)

RTW Series Grippers

  • Payload: up to 400 kg. (882 lbs.)​
  • ​Stroke: up to 300 mm (11.8 in.)

RTWFI Grippers

  • ​​Payload: 5,000 kg. (11,023 lbs.)
  • ​Stroke: 400 mm (15.7 in.)

​​Robotools S.r.l. is a family-run company and has been in business for almost twenty years. It was the first company in Italy to design and build tool changers for both special and standard equipment in different sectors of industry. Robotools applies innovative solutions even for today's challenges. In our global age we hold high the values of a family-owned business to always keep  direct customer contact maintaining personal responsibility.

Tool Changers

The ROBOTOOLS tool changers meet ISO standards and can be mounted directly without an adapter flange to most any robot in the market. Every ROBOTOOLS tool changer can be customized to cover every robot or application in the market. ROBOTOOLS tool changers allow for the interconnect of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric signals to and from the tool. The advantage of the ROBOTOOLS design provides:

  • Connect directly to the robot without the need for an adapter flange
  • ​Payload capacity up to 1,700 kg. (3,747 lbs.)
  • High capacity electrical and pneumatic connections
  • Lifetime guarantee on the patented latching mechanism
  • Redundant safety system with dual mechanical fail-safe features
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Coupled & uncoupled sensing 
  • ​Temperature range from -10 °C (14 °F) to 80 °C (176 °F)

Standard Tool Changers: ​Used in almost any application with 13 variants for payloads from 5 kg. (11 lbs.) to 1,700 kg (3,747 lbs.)

Integrated Tool Changers: Tool changers with electrical connection, pneumatic, and hydraulic ports with payloads up to 250 kg. (551 lbs.)

Foundry and Harsh Environment Tool Changers: Designed specifically for foundry and harsh environments with payloads up to 1,000 kg. (2,204 lbs.). Optional tool changers with center bore hole to rotate ladles. 

Quadrax Tool Changers: Square tool changers with electrical connectors integrated into the flanges for additional ports than standard tool changers with payloads up to 250 kg. (551 lbs.)

Spot Welding Tool Changers: Designed for applications where high current is necessary. Typically used with spot welding  or electric spindle applications. 

Custom / Specialized Tool Changers: Robotools can customize tool changers to meet the application specifications. 

Manual Tool Changers: Cost-effective solution compared to the automatic tool changer with payloads up to 200 kg. (441 lbs.). Includes pneumatic integrated air ports and standard optional electrical modules.

Electrically Operated Tool Changer: Actuated by electric motor with payloads up to 350 kg. (771 lbs.)

Tool Storage Fixtures: Robust tool stations are available for Robotools' welding changer for the tool side while it is not in use and can be fixed near the robot workstations. Flexible cover protects the flange from dirt and chips. Height is adjustable and can be ordered and can be modified to suit a specific tool with payloads up to 500 Kg for the standard unit.